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Instead of just picking up where Children of Earth left off, first do an expanded season three. I think one of my problems with CoE was that it seemed so rushed. Rupesh trying to get into Torchwood, and Ianto's family, and Jack's family, and Jack and Ianto's relationship problems, and Gwen's pregnancy. I think that if there had been thirteen episodes to explore all these issues, I might have been more satisfied. So we might think about doing that ourselves.


Maybe start with the Hitchhiker that Jack and Ianto went to the hospital to retrieve. Expand on that story line a bit. Have a real Torchwood investigation that leads them to Mr. Williams. 


And then continue with Rupesh actually being hired and brought in to Torchwood. Have him feeding information to his people. Think of all the drama when Jack finds out that he hired another traitor. This could bring up issues in Jack and Ianto's relationship that they thought were well behind them. 


Draw the whole thing out to thirteen "episodes", with the 456 at the end of it. And Ianto still dying, but maybe in a more heroic manner.


And then Season Four, with Jack being all angsty and depressed. Then  figure a way to bring Ianto back, because after all, it is Science Fiction.

we will need rules

This is a comunity dedicated to sharing ideas and we hope to inspire each other with our ideas.
it's all good it means more fic and life for Janto.

the last thing I want to do is restrict anyone but some rules are a must

Rule one I insist on no personal attacks against people, either in the com or certain writers I am sure there are coms dedicated to such attacks (if there are could someone point me that way I could use a vent) here we create, we share.

Rule two. sometimes poeople have trouble with spelling and grammer (i have dyslexia so I am one of the worst) if this makes understanding difficult point it out politely please.

~I can't think of any more right now~

Lets get this party started

First we need deal with THAT question!!

How can we realistically have Ianto in season four?

there are many options alt universe, imortal, time travel ect

I am rather hooked on the idea of the ianto from the 'year that never was'
but everyone feels differently on this

share your ideas we may come up with something new and wonderful



We need moderators 2 or 4 plus myself I think is needs to be an odd number

I would really love to get a spread on this, men/women Uk/world, striaght/curvy ect

bi F (might be omni but I haven't met an alien yet) 
english jew
Just so you know


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